Pennsylvania Center for Beef Excellence

cbe_logo_600pxThe Center for Beef Excellence seeks to partner with others in the beef industry by developing an infrastructure to enhance opportunities for all enterprise segments. CBE initiatives focusing on education, production and management, government and community relations, and economic development will foster collaboration and ultimately improve profitability.

Below are some of the valuable services provided to Pennsylvania producers by the CBE.

Carcass Data Evaluation Program

The CBE Carcass Data Evaluation Program has been made possible through state funding. Participating producers will receive actual carcass data on their cattle collected by USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) graders free of charge through the Center for Beef Excellence program.

The service, routinely provided by AMS for $4.00 per carcass, offers producers the unique opportunity to review all components that are utilized by graders nationwide to determine final quality grades and yield grades. Factors that will be collected include: maturity, marbling, ribeye area, hot carcass weight, fat thickness, percentage kidney/pelvic/heart fat and final yield grade. These factors are a valuable asset to producers to all segments of the beef industry. Information that will be obtained through the program will allow participants to evaluate breeding programs, compare feed programs and enhance profitability/management goals of operations.read_more_button

Handling Equipment

Free Use of Cattle Handling Equipment

The equipment, which comes with its own trailer, is available for use by Pennsylvania cattlemen on a first-come, first-serve basis for up to 21 days at a time.

CBE Cattle Handling Chute Inventory

1. Sweep – 90 degree
2. 2 curved panels
3. Radius Bar
4. 10’ swing gate
5. 12’ panel with alley frame

  1. 2 – sliding doors
  2. 7- 12’ panels
  3. 1 – 12’ walk through panel
  4. 2 – 8’ panels
  5. 1 – Rancher chute
  6. 1 – Palpation cage
  7. 1 – Scale head
  8. 2 – Load bars
  9. 1 – Scale Tray
  10. 1 – Trailer
  11. 1 – Lock
  12. 1 – Trailer ball hitch
  13. 1 – Spare tire


Pennsylvania Feeder Cattle & Carcass Improvement Program

Consider the following areas that potentially impact cattle performance. Pennsylvania consumers spend 4.5 billion dollars annually on beef products. With 11,880 beef producers assuring consumers with quality beef products from the 158,430 beef cattle providing income directly to PA farm owners.

This new, voluntary effort serves the needs of two groups: producers and consumers. It is designed to benefit producers by complying with traceability needs for marketing, animal health programs and on-farm management, as well as coinciding with record-keeping systems and technology already in place.

Consumers continue to seek information on where their food comes from, and this program answers that question. It is designed to serve as a symbol of producer commitment to producing a quality product. Further, identifying individual or groups of animals protects both producer and consumer interests. Value is added through increased market opportunity.

Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program is complemented by a variety of activities where student-participants engage in assisting cattle producers while learning about the beef industry. Site visits and study-tours complement the program. The student-participants will be assisting in the responsibilities for implementing and administering CBE Programs. During most of the program, they will be working from the office located at 2301 N. Cameron St. Room 303, Harrisburg, PA 17701. They will be expected to interact with producers on farm site visits and participate in various educational meetings that take place while they are interns.

Beef Excellence Teams

The Center for Beef Excellence is pleased to announce the launch of on-farm Beef Excellence Teams. This program’s goal is proven to result in enhanced decision making and improved farm profitability. With funding levels between $3,000 to $5,000, the center will help the farm address any issues in the specified area. The funding can cover the cost of paid team members, along with “discovery-related” costs.


RFID Tag Program

The PA Center for Beef Excellence is now offering a statewide RFID Animal ID program to PA producers. This program establishes the origin of the beef product through the use of an effective animal identification system in partnership with the PA Department of Agriculture. A voluntary driven statewide program that will equip cattle producers with the necessary components to deliver a product that can be traced back to the PA farm of origination.

RFID tags are available for free, but S&H charges do apply to shipment.